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Hello and welcome to SSA Area 16 website.  We are a group of side saddle enthusiasts located in Devon and Cornwall who encourage and support the development of side saddle riding in our area. We are a part of The Side Saddle Association.


So if you've always wanted to try side saddle but not been sure where to start why not get in touch. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started. Most horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes take very well to side saddle, junior riders most welcome so why not contact us and give it a go.


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We run various shows and training events throughout the year and there is something for everyone at all levels. We are fortunate to also have several shows across the region that hold affiliated side saddle classes, so there is plenty choice for the competitive rider. 


Why not visit the various pages of our website for more information on what is on, some photos of our members in action and you can also find us on Facebook at Area 16 Side Saddle Association. 

You can also contact our Chairman

Mrs Tracy Weight on 07866 684128 or via email   

or our


Mrs Pippa Morrell-Davies on 01503 220267, 07747 586823 or via 

Mrs Sue Gray on 01626 866214 or via email

The Side Saddle Association Area 16 | Devon & Cornwall | United Kingdon





The day starts at 8:30am at xxxxxxxxxx to meet your fellow side saddle riders and your hosts.



Coffee, bacon rolls and a short safety briefing, before leaving for the meet.

Social Distancing best practice will be observed.



Riders travel in their own transport to the meet, commencing at about 9:30am. 

Face masks must be worn at all times in the gun bus and you will be issued your own bottle of D&CSSA hand sanitiser on arrival.



Two hours riding will generally take place followed by elevenses in the field, subject to weather conditions.



A further 1 or 2 hours will then take place before returning to the local pub for a meal if required once horses have been cleaned, fed and watered.



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"The team and instructors at the D&CSSA riders clinic were fantastic. They were faced with a team of mixed ability and ensured that everyone had a great time."



D&CSSA aim to produce a package and platform of rider support  tailored to suit both the complete novice to the seasoned hunter. Our focus is the development of the Side Saddle discipline and its active including of juniors so as to ensure our sports development in the future.

For more details and to arrange a taste of Side Saddle please contact Tracy Weight

If you have any questions or would like an informal chat, submit the form or use the information below.

If you're visiting the South West and are looking for places to stay, ride and eat in Devon & Cornwall take a look at our recommendations to make the most of your visit.

0777 11 22 33 44

Subject to weather and Covid-19 restrictions.

Please see our riding and events calendar for dates and times.

Side Saddle Association



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The team at The Devon & Cornwall Side Saddle Association are all highly experienced rider with years of knowledge to help you or your child get the most from a day in the field. We pride ourselves that even first timer side saddle riders can find suitable riding in every day and the size of your smiles at the end of the day are ultimately the biggest and truest reflection of the day. 

We also offer 1-2-1 coaching sessions as requested.


Our instructors can accompany you into the field on your day following the hounds in either an instructor or Side Saddle buddy capacity to ensure you get the most from your day. Our experienced instructors are certified, qualified and insured and can be provided on an individual or team basis to riders visiting the area or further afield as required.

For more information, to check availability and to discuss your own personal requirements please contact:

07772 334455


Or use the contact form below.

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